Who pays for entertainment at wedding?

This comprehensive guide helps specify the financial responsibility of everyone involved in your wedding. Most questions about wedding etiquette focus on financial issues. In past generations, the bride's family paid most of the wedding expenses. The groom's lucky family left alone with the rehearsal dinner, and the groom himself paid for the honeymoon, the bride's rings and several other small expenses.

Nowadays, it's not uncommon for family members to contribute to the big day. Traditional roles assign financial responsibility for the wedding and reception to the bride and her family. The expenses and services of the minister or officiant are usually paid by the bridegroom and his family. Bridal party guests are responsible for purchasing their own outfits.

The rents, the music, the entertainment, the cost of the ceremony, the reception, including food and decoration, as well as wedding gifts, postage, invitations, programs and announcements, the bride's dress and accessories, the flowers for the ceremony and reception, the trips of the officiant and the ladies of honor and lodging, transportation to and from the ceremony and reception, and any other incidental costs incurred by the wedding party are the responsibility of the bride's family. Despite the traditional breakdown of wedding payments mentioned above, it's up to you and your loved ones to decide how best to choose who pays what with your wedding budget. From a wedding etiquette perspective, remember that money equals control, who pays for the wedding can play an active role in decision-making. Weddings are steeped in tradition, and common rules of etiquette apparently dictate almost aspects of the day, such as what you should wear, how the ceremony is composed and who pays for the wedding.

In short, guests can pay for wedding gifts with small bills from their wedding registry, as well as their travel and accommodation expenses (where applicable). According to the new Behind the Wedding Budget study by WeddingWire and Grow by Acorns + CNBC, 72% of all couples receive at least some form of financial support when paying for their wedding. According to the WeddingWire newlywed report, the average wedding will cause parents to pay 52% of wedding expenses.

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