Where is wedding every weekend filmed?

The shooting of the movie Wedding Every Weekend took place mainly in Vancouver, British Columbia, the westernmost province of Canada and its surroundings. The shooting of Wedding Every Weekend took place in June and July after the pandemic began throughout the Kevin Fair management presents four weddings, comprised of two American and American couples, a Jewish couple and a couple who belong to the LGBTQIA community. It has been filmed extensively in and around British Columbia, Canada's westernmost province. Wedding Every Weekend was filmed in Canada, including Vancouver, British Columbia, according to IMDb.

The film was filmed in June and July, after the pandemic began, so they had to maintain a lot of social distancing. Hallmark Channel's latest original film, Wedding Every Weekend, features their first same-sex wedding. I know that a lot of people boycotted watching this movie because one of the four weddings involved a same-sex wedding.

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