What is the best entertainment for a wedding?

Bourbon bar (or barista available for people who don't drink). You don't have to be an expert in astrology to enjoy reading the aura. When guests need a break from dancing, invite them to visit an astrologer or tarot card reader as a fun wedding activity. But beware, this idea of wedding entertainment can result in longer lines than those at the bar.

Spice up your wedding reception with a drag performance. You can even have your favorite queen officiate your ceremony. We have a feeling that guests will be obsessed with this unique idea of entertainment for the wedding reception. You'll get a lot for your money by hiring a live painter for your wedding day.

It's a fun way to keep guests busy during the reception, as they'll want to see the scene come to life on canvas as they head to the bar or between speeches. In addition, you will receive a personalized portrait of your wedding at the end of the night. Are you planning to celebrate an extravagant and luxurious wedding? Then, having a miniature casino for your guests over 21 years old will fit your theme perfectly. It'll feel like you've brought the Las Vegas casino room straight to your wedding venue.

Let's start with the heart and soul of any fun wedding: music. Start with great music and the dance will continue. We have some great ideas on how you can inject energy and atmosphere into your wedding reception with music, rhythm and dance. We love entertainment ideas that really surprise guests, and hiring circus-style artists to keep guests entertained during cocktail hour or reception is a wonderful way to ensure that no one forgets their big day.

You don't have to get married in New Orleans to incorporate this idea of Mardi Gras-inspired wedding reception entertainment. Great entertainment is one of the key elements of any memorable wedding. Traditionally, the entertainment of a great day consists of a band or a DJ. Make your guests laugh with the help of a comedian, who can entertain you during the wedding breakfast.

If I were to rate the most exciting and memorable wedding entertainment ideas I've seen at a wedding, it would be this: an acrobatic musician. If you both love Cirque du Soleil, hiring an acrobat or aerialist for your reception will be a wedding entertainment idea much appreciated by your guests. While the trend isn't as popular as it was years ago, one of the most surprising wedding entertainment ideas is the flash mob. Whether you're planning a farm wedding or a reception in a downtown loft, entertain your guests with a photo booth at Regardless of the activity you choose, make sure your wedding entertainment represents something that you and your partner will love.

Another wedding entertainment idea that is similar to the champagne skirt mentioned above is to have a waiter with a table skirt that displays appetizers and bite-sized treats. Simply put, dancing and music need not be your only entertainment for the wedding reception.

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