What do wedding guests do after the ceremony?

Cocktail time is a great time for your guests to get together, eat some hors d'oeuvres and relax before the party starts. If you want the party to continue after the ceremony ends, choosing an experienced artist is a safe bet. Intimate settings, such as jazz or a string quartet, are good for some couples, but if you want the party to start early, you can always hire your wedding band for a few more hours. A great strategy to keep guests entertained for as long as you need them to stay is to have traveling artists or organize an important event with a magician and comedian.

One quick thing before moving to the timeline, how long should a wedding reception last? Including cocktail hour, a wedding reception usually lasts between four and seven hours. Once again, this all depends on the celebration contract, as different venues offer different wedding packages that include a certain number of hours, and there may be noise restrictions at the chosen venue. Be sure to discuss your reception schedule with the venue before creating the order of events for your wedding reception. This tradition may seem a bit dated to some (especially during the COVID season), but if you plan to have a reception line (when guests line up to greet newlyweds one by one), it will take place before the reception, either at the ceremony venue or when guests enter the reception Site.

When cocktail hour comes to an end, the reception space doors open and guests are encouraged to enter the space and find their tables. We hope your guests retrieved their guest cards or looked at a sign with the seating chart during cocktail hour to make the process quick and smooth. As guests enter the reception room, the wedding party (bridesmaids, groomsmen, groomsmen, flower girls and ring bearers) and immediate family members line up to make their grand entrance. The DJ or band will play upbeat music and introduce the couple's parents and wedding party members while the VIPs dance at the reception.

They can form a line around the dance floor to watch the first dance or take their seats. Please note that admission to the wedding party is not mandatory if you wish, you can skip it and go straight to the next step. If someone was kind enough to take the time to attend your wedding and meet the expense of being invited to the wedding, that kindness must be reciprocated, Feinberg says. In a traditional wedding ceremony, the procession begins with the bride's mother before being followed by the groom, the godfather, the wedding party, the florist and the ring bearer.

According to a recent WeddingWire study, 90 percent of couples performed their first dance during their wedding reception, making it the most popular wedding tradition. An after-wedding party allows you to extend your wedding day and gives you another chance to impress your guests with surprising details and personal touches. If there are certain things that you didn't have the opportunity to add to your wedding theme, include them in the after-wedding party. Because post-wedding parties are a relatively new wedding trend, there isn't a single person who traditionally pays for the party.

You've thought of every detail so that your guests are amazed when they see your wedding ceremony and reception space, so opt for the same reaction when they enter your party after the wedding. The order of ceremonies at non-denominational weddings is similar to that of traditional weddings, but with much more flexibility for couples to put their own stamp on rituals. But since the post-wedding party is an event normally organized by the couple, the couple is generally expected to pay for the celebration's food, drink, or entertainment. Like many other wedding events, the after-wedding party has some rules of etiquette to consider when planning the wedding.

Be sure to include this information in any welcome materials or wedding gifts you deliver, as well as on your wedding website, in the What to Do or Places to Eat section, to give your guests some ideas on how to spend their time while they wait for the ceremony to begin. Victoria Miller is the founder and lead wedding planner of LUXE Atlanta Events, an Atlanta-based wedding planning company. If the post-wedding party will be more casual and the couple is on a tighter budget, Jamie Chang, owner and wedding planner of Mango Muse Events, suggests an alternative way to cover costs. .


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