Live entertainment wedding?

Learn more about live wedding bands in New York on The Knot. Guests of all ages will fall in love with the jazzy atmosphere of these award-winning wedding bands in New York City. With eight bands available for weddings, you'll find the perfect combination between these vintage swing, jazz and soul bands. A variety of options can make your wedding a success, from a solo pianist to a jazz trio or a great combination for a luxurious event.

If you're looking for a swing band or an energetic jazz group, you can count on 15 years of professional experience with Alex Levin Music. Get in touch now to learn more about Lovesome, Smoke Rings, Four-Ever Yours, Ladybugs and others. Looking for the best live bands available for rent in New York City? Our bands perform at weddings, birthdays, corporate events, private parties and more. Complete the form below to contact LIV today and work with a live band in New York City.

Past customers and dating couples give their candid review Hank Lane's live music, bands, DJs and entertainment. If I were to rate the most exciting and memorable wedding entertainment ideas I've seen at a wedding, it would be this: an acrobatic musician. They now entertain wedding guests with their jazz repertoire, which includes American icons such as Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong, along with classics from The Beatles and the Beach Boys. Another wedding entertainment idea that should be more popular than it is: exclusive cocktails or non-alcoholic cocktails.

I want to make your life very easy, so here's a list of the best and most popular entertainment ideas for wedding receptions.

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