Is silver too soft for wedding band?

Like gold, pure silver is too soft to use alone, so it mixes with copper or other metals to create sterling silver, a more durable alternative. Are you tough with your jewelry? Do you work with your hands? Silver is a very soft metal and is prone to scratching, dents and changing shape over time. Some people, including myself, appreciate the way silver ages and accumulates marks from everyday use. But many don't like the idea that their rings look like they're 20 years old in just one year.

If that's how you feel, I suggest you opt for a more durable metal, such as white gold. All metals will wear out over time, but silver will go through the process much faster. Sterling silver folds easily, all my previous silver rings fit the shape of my finger. If you're hoping to get a silver ring with stones, I wouldn't rely on that for long-term use because the metal can bend and the stones can fall off.

If you wear silver all the time, it won't tarnish, but if you take it off, it will. I had a ring that I wore for two years and that looked great (besides folding), but now that I don't use it anymore it's very tarnished. Most silver rings are made of sterling silver. Sterling silver is very practical and has been used to make wedding rings for centuries.

Since silver is a precious metal, this gives value to silver rings, although they are much more affordable than other precious metals such as gold, platinum and palladium. Silver has been used in wedding rings for hundreds of years, but as other, more durable alternatives, such as platinum and white gold, became available and grew in popularity, the demand for silver wedding rings declined. Many people who choose silver rings plan to wear them temporarily and invest in new rings for their first anniversary (after the wedding craze is over).

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