How do you keep guest entertained at a wedding?

Here are 19 of our favorite (and unique) ideas for keeping your wedding guests entertained all day long. There is likely to be some breathing room between the ceremony, the reception and the first dance if the ceremony is during the day. Offer some games so your guests don't have to sit around bored. To entertain both adults and children, consider organizing a giant game of jenga, shy coconut, croquet, or quits.

Whether you're getting married abroad or at home, give your wedding entertainment a touch of destiny with the cheerful melodies of steel pans played live. Ideal for entertaining younger guests during a wedding breakfast, a magician can also work in the room with card tricks for your drink reception. With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the perfect provider to offer that unique and long-awaited wedding entertainment. It's your wedding and your big day, so naturally, you'll want it to be unique for you and your partner and, at the same time, entertain your guests.

Entertainment so easy to put together and full of laughter, limbo is incredible at an outdoor wedding or festival. Although your wedding day revolves around you as a couple, it goes without saying that you want your guests to have a good time and to minimize the dreaded breaks between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast. Speaking of circus-themed entertainment, there are many more incredible circus skills an artist can bring to your wedding to surprise your guests. Whether you're Scottish or not, ceilidhs are one of the best wedding entertainment ideas for all your guests to participate in.

It's the perfect wedding entertainment option during reception drinks or when your guests wait for the ceremony to begin. So how about inspiring your guests to be more creative with the messages they leave (and to keep them entertained for longer) using one of our alternative guest book ideas, including this wooden guest book shaped like a wedding puzzle from the Newport-based company Manta Makes? Make your guests laugh with the help of a comedian, who can entertain you during the wedding breakfast. From entertaining your guests during cocktail hour to ending the night with a bang, there are plenty of moments throughout the day when adding a little more entertainment can make your wedding celebration even more special and memorable for everyone involved. Minty Paperie Shop is a small company based in Emerson, New Jersey, that sells a ridiculous number of templates for their wedding, such as a guest book sign, a bingo, wedding keepsake labels and much more.

Putting a fun wheel somewhere at your wedding reception will keep your guests entertained for hours. You don't have to stick with a string quartet as entertainment between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast; think innovatively to get your guests talking.

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