How do you entertain guests between ceremony and reception?

Here are five of our favorite ideas for keeping guests happy and busy between the ceremony and the reception. Provide a list of suggested outings on your wedding website. All those classic one-day sports games are a lot of fun at an outdoor wedding or in summer. Bring some fun competition to your reception drinks with a sack race, an egg and a spoon and a pouf.

It's also ideal to use if you're going to have a lot of families or young children at your wedding, as it's something everyone can participate in. Another great advantage of having your reception a few hours after the ceremony is that you'll be able to arrive at cocktail time before everyone else. If you're planning to have a reception line, do it on your way to cocktail time so you and your guests can greet them and then they can have a drink. Even if you keep things casual, having time to take photos and retouch before the reception starts means you'll be able to attend most of your cocktail hour, allowing you to mingle as you see fit.

Stock up on trivia cards or organize a Mr & Mrs contest to entertain guests between courses. With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the perfect provider to offer that unique and long-awaited wedding entertainment. This small window of time is the only opportunity you and the rest of the wedding party will have to take wedding photos without being interrupted by other guests. With the digital age in full swing, most couples hire a DJ for their wedding and assume that's all the entertainment they need to worry about.

Ideal for entertaining younger guests during a wedding breakfast, a magician can also work in the room with card tricks for your drink reception. In addition to 10 unique ways to entertain guests between the wedding and the reception, Wedessence also offers tips to make things as smooth as possible. Here are 10 ideas for entertaining wedding guests between the ceremony and the reception, which fit every budget. So how about inspiring your guests to be more creative with the messages they leave (and to keep them entertained for longer) using one of our alternative guest book ideas, including this wooden guest book shaped like a wedding puzzle from the Newport-based company Manta Makes? It's the perfect wedding entertainment option during reception drinks or when your guests wait for the ceremony to begin.

Whether you're Scottish or not, ceilidhs are one of the best wedding entertainment ideas for all your guests to participate in. Companies like Clubhouse Mobile Mini Golf can offer a colorful option that fits perfectly into any open event space, providing endless entertainment between wedding stages. When it comes to planning your big day, guests may have high expectations for your wedding entertainment, and you want something that people will remember for a long time. Entertainment so easy to put together and full of laughter, limbo is incredible at an outdoor wedding or festival.

While there's nothing you can do to entertain your guests when they move to a new location for the wedding reception, there are certain steps you can take to ensure that their trips to work are easy for both older and younger guests.

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