How do you entertain a wedding guest without dancing?

And honestly, they're so much fun that your guests won't even think twice before a dance floor, 1 Reception Games. Guests have been known to always experience some kind of “down time” at a wedding. It's common all over the world to cook food when you go out to eat. In places like Taiwan and China, a famous dish is stew.

With this, you can have a lot of options for people to cook meat or vegetables in boiling water. Again, this is a great way to get people to interact without dancing. Korean barbecue is similar to regular barbecues, but with smaller grills and people are usually seated around a table. You also cook it, cut it and serve it yourself.

However, with this option, you would choose a day or time, in the right season. It should also have a tent or back-up spot so guests can stay out of the weather. You can take a look at other options, such as patio games, laser tag, hiking and other ideas to combine with this one. An interesting idea is that, in addition to the food you provide, the guest can bring their own as if it were a traditional picnic.

When you mention the word “karaoke”, you usually get a bit of a mixed response, but a good approach to karaoke adapted to weddings is to include friends or family members who have a talent for performing, writing songs, or singing in the evening's performances. How about something like cornhole, lawn darts, the Tic Tac Toe boards you throw poufs or horseshoes at? Also, you might consider a small local band with three members. They tend to play quite cheaply and you can find their steering wheels in places like Guitar Center. This way, there is no awkward silence, and if people want to dance, there will be music to dance to.

Couples who aren't used to dancing may feel anxious if they consider it the main type of wedding entertainment. Get creative and customize lawn games to fit the wedding theme, from adding a personal monogram to painting wooden accessories in wedding colors. If you're a makeup fan or enthusiast, this may be one of the easiest decisions on your wedding planning trip, but if not, here are five beautiful wedding makeup looks for your special day. Remember that there is no right answer; the type of entertainment you choose for your wedding reception will depend on the level of formality and the location of the event.

Vogue Ballroom is their success story in Melbourne, Australia, an elegant wedding venue that, with good reason, has earned a reputation as “Melbourne's best wedding venue”. Use video games like Laser Tag, DDR, Super Mario and Pinball to keep your guests entertained and your wedding to change the rules of the game. They provide endless entertainment for guests during the social gathering, and are a great way to inject a little more fun and frivolity into your wedding. Live entertainment doesn't have to be limited to just one band or musical ensemble, take this opportunity to hire a talented artist from another field and surprise your guests with an artist or performance that will give your wedding a point of difference from the norm.

I'm looking for this because my family is very introverted, but I'm not and my wedding is taking place next month, so I want to enjoy my best day and with this, I can get the idea of how I can enjoy my wedding. At the very least, this is a great idea for younger guests who may not find other, more traditional wedding procedures as entertaining.

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