How do i find a dj or wedding band?

If you want a club or festival DJ atmosphere at your wedding or you're on a budget, you should choose a DJ. If you're on a healthy budget, love live music, and want top-notch wedding entertainment, you should hire a live wedding band. If you can afford it, booking both is the best option, since wedding DJs and live bands can perform perfectly together at weddings. Some couples may even choose to devote part of their entertainment budget to wedding musicians earlier in the day.

However, while the cost of artists can vary greatly, there's an easy equation you can do that will help you budget this part of your wedding well. To include live music in your wedding budget, start looking for bands early in the wedding planning process. Wedding DJs and live wedding bands have their pros and cons and you may find yourself in the good position of not knowing which one to choose. Combining the best attributes of a wedding band and a DJ at the same time, they are definitely the future and offer a fresh, contemporary and fun way to enjoy both a DJ and a live band at your wedding.

The disadvantages you can experience with a wedding DJ are that they have an audiovisual show that can't compete with a live band and that you don't always know if a DJ can or wants to complement your wedding theme. It seems to me that a top-notch DJ can perfectly complement a live wedding band and, when done right, can add real quality, great party atmosphere and musical consistency to your wedding. For those with specific musical tastes and who want an energetic show, a live band is the best option to entertain themselves at their wedding reception. As we mentioned in our guide on how to save money on your live wedding band, a friend told us her story about her DIY wedding and how she saved a lot of money.

Think about the type of atmosphere you want to create at your wedding so you can focus on the entertainment you need. A wedding DJ is the most popular choice for wedding entertainment, it's affordable, flexible and you can participate in the music as much as you want. If, for example, your wedding theme was based on the elegant 1920s, you should consider a wedding ring like the Southside Sparkle below.

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