Are wedding bands unisex?

And no, unisex wedding bands inherently don't cost more than those that fit specific genres. They are still made of the same materials and are made in the same way. Some companies may market some differently or at different prices, especially if they are generally sold in pairs or sets, but you don't have to worry about the price going up just because they are unisex rings. Of course, as with other rings, that could change depending on the gemstones and types of metal you choose, as well as the customizations you and your partner want.

At 25karats, we have the wedding rings you need to express your love for your partner, and with our wide variety of unisex wedding rings, you can find the right ring for you. We offer diamond rings for couples of all genders and orientations, because we know that love has no limits. Shop our selection of unisex diamond wedding ring sets now to find a ring that will help you show your partner the depth of your love, intensity and commitment. While it's not a good idea to wear a wedding ring when it's very hot (see above for the right type of metal for your lifestyle), your silicone band will be fine, no matter what you do.

From simple unisex wedding rings with a minimalist style and just a few diamonds, to rings with various metals, a variety of diamonds and decorative stones and unique designs, you'll have a huge selection of 25-carat wedding rings to choose from.

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