Hello everyone! Did you know that Saturday, March 24th has been dubbed “National Cash Mob Day“?  That means in cities around the country, groups of people who have maybe only one thing in common – caring about local businesses – get together to spend money in a specific area or a specific business. And of […]

Have you heard of Cashmobs?  They sound a little ominous, but trust me, they’re anything but. I first heard of the idea on our local news – something I hardly ever watch.  I looked it up on twitter and found that they are loosely organized groups of people who band together to spend money at […]

I meant to post about this at the beginning of the week, but like so many other things, it was pushed to the side due to other things that had to be done! This week in Phoenix is “Buy Local” week – thanks to Local First Arizona, you can find tons of deals at local Phoenix […]

I’ve talked about Erin and her beautiful Lightly Toasted jewlery before.  Twice, actually.  Here and she’s done a giveaway here – but I have to write about her again.  Because she did something amazing. Allow me to set the stage.  Erin and I are friends, so occasionally we hang out.  With kids going back to […]