This week, as it turns out, has not been very fun or exciting for me.  First, there was the fall down the stairs that resulted in a trip to the ER and a badly sprained ankle.  (Thankfully, it wasn’t broken and is already starting to feel better!)   Then, the news that I didn’t make […]

I may have received products to facilitate this post.  All opinions are my own, though, as always!  I’m such an Arizona girl, and think I will be for a long, long time.  I don’t plan on moving states EVER AGAIN (waaaay too stressful!) but definitely miss the warm sun and bright sunshine. A lot of […]

So I’ve had my Walmart Family Mobile plan for just about 2 months now, and I have to say that I couldn’t be happier.  First of all, I’ve had no service issues whatsoever, which is so nice!   With my former wireless provider, I had a lot of problems with service (living in a really hilly region […]

You might be thinking that from the title of the post that this is about cards that are made from recycled paper and sustainably-sourced ink.  It’s not. I love cards, but let’s all be honest with each other – how many thank you cards, birthday cards, Christmas cards, etc do you actually keep?  I like keeping […]

Toothbrushes.  So terribly necessary for good oral health, yet so woefully disposable.  If you use them for too long, they lose their effectiveness and must be thrown away.  Or is there another way? First, though, let’s talk about different options when you head to the store to purchase a toothbrush.  Did you know that there’s […]

        This might be the most brilliant, or the silliest, or the most ‘duh’ idea I’ve ever had on my own, but it’s worth a shot.  I don’t mind the end pieces from a loaf of bread, but how do you use them up when your kids don’t like them, all you […]

It’s hard to imagine, but this is what I was wearing a few short weeks ago before we moved from Phoenix to the Seattle area.  Tank top and shorts – that was pretty much my standard ‘uniform’ for the summer months.  (Summer in Phoenix runs from about April through November.)  Now, I’ve had to embrace […]

      Last week, I think most of us bought candy to hand out to trick or treaters…this being our first year in this neighborhood, I wanted to make sure I had enough, so I bought a 100 piece bag of candy.  Chocolate, of course, stuff that I love.  This was a problem when […]

Small Steps on Our Journey is taking one BIG step soon – moving out of our home state of Arizona to Washington!  It’s exciting, scary, an answered prayer, and a difficult challenge all at once, and I wanted to share what I’ve been doing to try to get through this as emotionally intact as possible. […]

Part of washing your hair is always drying and styling it…a part that drives me crazy, because it takes so long to do!  Who’s with me?  Don’t get me wrong, I love looking good and having styled hair (instead of a ponytail or bun) but it can be time-consuming to dry my hair.  So I’ve […]