I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere has provided me with compensation for this post. As always, through, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.  Johny Iuzzini’s “Dessert Fourplay” – a beautiful book filled with lucious desserts!  Last week, during the height of Christmas insanity, I headed to the Seattle Macy’s […]

Just before Christmas, I was sent this fabulous cookbook from Macy’s Culinary Council – The Thanksgiving & Holiday Cookbook.   I was thrilled because I was planning on roasting a turkey for Christmas dinner, and I knew that Tom Douglas (a prolific restaurateur here in Seattle and a member of Macy’s Culinary Council) had his recipe […]

Last night (11/7/12) I had the opportunity to go out to my very first blogger event here in the Seattle area, and I was so excited that it was food-centered.  (You know I love food, right??)  Tom Douglas, who is a living Seattle legend – currently he runs 13 restaurants in Seattle with his wife […]

I was making pizza with the kids the other night – on Friday nights, we usually have pizza and a movie and have recently made the switch from local restaurant take-out pizza to homemade.  Well, wouldn’t you know it…I couldn’t find my rolling pin ANYWHERE!  I searched high and low and just couldn’t find it. […]

I’ve been researching oatmeal for awhile – it’s no secret that I love steel cut oats for breakfast, and so do my kids.  (most days, at least) The problem is that it can take so long to make in the morning, and I am not a fan of the slow cooker method – it never seems […]

Kale is probably my favorite ‘dark leafy green’ – and it’s so healthy for you – low in calories (not that I care about calories, but people do!) but it has protein, fiber, vitamin A (a ton), vitamin C, vitamin K, and calcium. It’s a lot easier to eat cooked – it’s such a hearty leaf […]

You might say I’m a Terry Walters fan.   I’ve posted about the cooking class I was extremely fortunate to attend with her teaching and only two other students, as well as sharing a few tips about kids and eating that I received from her during that class.  Overall, she’s awesome, knows her stuff and creates fantastic […]

On Christmas, we had a total of 8 people for dinner – it’s probably the largest group I’ve ever cooked for. I don’t usually host Thanksgiving because our home is small and can’t accommodate the 15 or so people that usually attend. I was excited to be cooking my first turkey, along with mashed potatoes, […]

A few weeks ago Shawn sent me a link for some cooking classes at one of the nice resorts here in town and asked if I wanted to go to one. I checked out the list – the first was that very weekend, so it was off, the next one was chocolate, which is nice, […]

I love, love, love steel-cut oats! They are really cheap (maybe $2.50 for a lb of organic at whole foods), healthy and simple to make. I don’t know another food that can turn from this: (1/4C oats) Into this: (two bowls of oatmeal) I mix in some milk and honey and raisins, and yum! How […]