Cable companies – ugh – am I right? When we moved to Washington we started Internet and Cable service with Comcast.  For over a year, we had no problems.  Then we moved and, suddenly, I understood why Comcast has been given the esteemed title of ‘Worst Customer Service” time and time again. First, everything seemed […]

Saturday was one of the laziest days we’ve had as a family in a long time.  With the exception of an hour or so playing in the snow in the morning, I’m talking about: jammies all day, I didn’t even shower, we just laid around watching documentaries, playing chess, and eating leftover turkey sandwiches on […]

Shawn and I are not typically movie people – but we do enjoy going to the theater occasionally, especially during the dreary months here in Washington.  There’s not much else to do on ‘date night’ – and movies are incredibly popular here, which makes the viewing experience all that more fun! We decided that we […]

Full Disclosure: I was provided a product sample of the LifeStraw Go for review purposes.  My opinions are my own and any product information has come directly from Vestergaard. Imagine life with no taps, no clean water.  Imagine drinking water that was unfiltered and dirty, and possibly full of bacteria that could make you terribly […]

It was June when I realized I wasn’t happy with the way I looked.  I had gained some weight by not being more careful with what I was eating (even though I was working out a lot, I clearly wasn’t burning all my daily intake of calories!  I’ve always been fortunate in that I’ve never […]

I have to tell you, I love living in a football town again.   Growing up in Wisconsin, the Packers were EVERYTHING even during the off season.  I remember working Sunday afternoons at the grocery store and having the manager play the game over the in-store sound system so we could know what was going on.  […]

Settle in for a little story, my friends. Last winter we moved to a new neighborhood but in the same general area as before.  One thing I noticed right away was the incredibly fast drivers that showed up after high school let out at about 2pm.  It was disturbing because I had Sarah with me […]

This will most likely be more text than photos, though I’ll throw a few in here and there to keep you interested! After the hike I was most looking forward to greeting the hikers behind us and celebrating them when they came out.  I was happy to do this but also got very, very cold.  […]

After crossing the awe-inspiring Colorado, we started hiking to Phantom Ranch, a mile or two away.  The plan was to rest for about 20 minutes, eat, change our socks and fill our waters.  However, we had to wait for a few minutes due to a medical evacuation – someone had been injured in a rock […]

I have so much to say about the recent hike from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to the North Rim.  There was only one way to truly express myself.  I’m blogging! It’s been nearly 6 months since my last post.  Much has changed.  But first – the hike! The night before the hike Alisa […]