Yesterday, as is my clumsy nature, I dropped a glass jar (of jelly, no less – thankfully it was nearly empty), and it shattered.   These are times I kick myself for not having some paper towels in the house – it’s really hard to get all those little pieces of glass off the floor!

Well, wouldn’t you know, a few hours later, I walk through the kitchen and I feel the pinch of glass in my foot.  I try to remove it with my splinter tweezers and I just couldn’t get the sucker out – it was so small I couldn’t even see it.  So, I left it alone and figured it would work it’s way out on it’s own.  Wouldn’t you know that the pain from that minuscule piece of glass woke me up in the middle of the night?  I had to do something about it!

I did some research, and here’s the advice I found:

 1) Soak the affected area in hot water with salt dissolved in it.   

This is supposed to ‘draw’ the foreign object out of your skin.  It didn’t work for me, but it did soften my skin and help to open the little wound up a bit.  It was also nice to have an excuse to soak my feet for 10 minutes!

2) After soaking, use tweezers to remove the object from your skin. 

This probably works for most people – as I said, your skin softens up and it should be easy to remove whatever it is that’s stuck.  However, this glass was so, so small, I couldn’t see it.  Plus, it was on the bottom of my foot, which made it even more awkward.

 3) Use half a bottle to create suction to vacuum the object out.  

I probably wasn’t doing this right, but what you’re supposed to do it place the top part of the bottle on the affected area, then the bottom part in the water.  Or you put the bottom part in the water, then the affected area on the top.  Either way, it was way to difficult for me to do on my own.  Didn’t work for me!

4) The Elmer’s Glue Trick 

Spread glue on the area, let it dry, then pull it off – hopefully pulling the object with it.  I don’t have glue – but I do have this stuff, which is very, very sticky.  I used it on the bottom of my foot…and it didn’t work!  Argh!  I was getting quite frustrated.  Then…I was rescued.

5) Have someone help you.  

My husband, who is truly a knight in shining armor, had been offering to help me all morning.  I’m an ‘I’ll do it myself’ person and really don’t like asking for help…but finally after exhausting all the options, I let him help me.  With surgeon-like precision, he deftly removed the glass from my foot.  *swoon*

Here’s a blurry photo of the offensive glass – you can barely even see it!

Have you had any fun ‘medical’ type adventures lately?  Share in the comments! 


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  1. Knight in shining armor! I’ve gotten things in my foot before and it’s awful. Maybe not glass but just something. I hate the ocean for this reason.

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  2. Ouch! I have started using a shop vac inside due to my ability to break any and every piece of glass or pottery in my possession. The shop vac works so much better than a broom, and if you start with a broom, you can shop vac it, too.

  3. Ouch! I know that feeling where you barely notice it all day, then some fabric brushes the spot and ZING! Really good tips there. Half of those have never even crossed my mind and I’ll try them next time I have that problem.
    Jai recently posted..Friday WinnersMy Profile

  4. ouch!
    In short (and in my own non-scientist interpretation!), I think the salt water draws water out of your cells, making the skin and vessels around the glass shrink. That contraction can sometimes squeeze the foreign object out of where its embedded.

    Obviously, there’s no guarantee that it will work, but the water should be REALLY salty to be effective.

    Anyway, glad you got it out. Shortly after I started dating my husband he helped get a splinter out of my dominent hand. I had a little lightbulb moment, “THIS is a good reason to be in a relationship!” :)
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  5. Oh, I hate it when you have a splinter or piece of glass stuck in the skin! Glad you got it out eventually!
    Jenny recently posted..Say Goodbye to Neglectful Cell Phone ProvidersMy Profile

  6. guys , this was a lifesaver for me,I got a tiny extremely irritating piece of glass stuck in my big toe, bothered me for 2 day ,I couldn’t soak or tweezer it out. Today, brainstorming, I used a coarse file and filed the against the direction the glass was pushed up in ,as thought I was filing it out, and Vola Presto Shazam –right out . (I really used my pet egg file) This didn’t even hurt while filing. the area your filing should be dry. Do not file back and forth, NO NO 5 files in the push out direct was enough for my glass to file out.. Hope this helped some one Remember this was a tiny piece of glass, May work on a very small piece.

  7. Thanks 4 all the advice. I had a small sliver of glas in my foot. I had Homedics foot soaker I got for Chrstmas on year. I use Sea Salt virtually everyday when cooking; had plenty of it. I feeled the foot soaker with warm water turned on the heat control added the sea salt the vibration, warm water and sea salt did it!

  8. Thanks for sharing your wonderful advice including the pictures! You made it sound and look easy. Now It’s time to put it to the test! How nice for you to take the time to share your advice to help others in need! I appreciate it!

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